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Greenville Population by Race and Ethnicity

Greenville Population by Race Graph

2012 Population by Race and Ethnicity Greenville, NC North Carolina United States
Population by Race
White Population 55.25% 67.49% 71.71%
Black or African American Population 38.03% 21.87% 12.86%
American Indian and Alaska Native Population 0.37% 1.30% 0.96%
Asian Population 2.54% 2.47% 5.30%
Multi-racial Population 1.95% 2.34% 3.13%
Other Population 1.86% 4.54% 6.05%
Population by Ethnicity
Population Hispanic 4.00% 8.84% 16.91%
Population Non Hispanic 96.00% 91.16% 83.09%

The data for Greenville, NC may also contain data for the following areas: Greenville

Race versus Ethnicity: According to the Census, race and ethnicity are considered two separate and distinct identities. Hispanic or Latino origin is asked as a separate question and categorized under ethnicity. In addition to their race and/or races, all respondents are categorized by one of two ethnicities, which are "Hispanic" and "Non Hispanic."

Hispanic Ethnicity: According to the Census, people of Hispanic origin, were those who indicated that their origin was Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Central or South American or some other Hispanic origin. It should be noted that people of Hispanic origin may be of any race.

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