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Ross Street Elementary School Woodbridge, NJ - Summary

Ross Street Elementary School Information

School Name:  Ross Street Elementary School
NCES School ID:  341812003722
School District Name:  Woodbridge Township School District
NCES School District ID:  3418120
County:  Middlesex    ST:  NJ
Physical Address:  Ross St, Woodbridge, NJ 07095
Mailing Address:  110 Ross St, Woodbridge, NJ 07095
Phone:  (732) 602-8511
School Website:  Ross Street Elementary School School Website

About Ross Street Elementary School:  Ross Street Elementary School is located in Woodbridge, NJ and is part of the Woodbridge Township School District based in Middlesex County, New Jersey. Ross Street Elementary School is a Title 1 School and supports the following programs:

  • Before and After School Program
  • Bilingual Education

Ross Street Elementary School Statistics:  Ross Street Elementary School has a total student enrollment count of 438 students in grades KG through 5. The prior years student enrollment count was 421. Enrollment changed 4.0% from the previous year. The current student population breakdown by grade is provided below:

Grade K 1 2 3 4 5
Students 60 78 73 74 72 63

Ross Street Elementary School Student Information:  Ross Street Elementary School has 31.0 full-time-equivalency teacher resulting in a calculated Student-Teacher Ratio (Pupil/Teacher Ratio) of 14.13. The number of student on free lunch 179 or 40.8675799086758% of total enrollment. The number of students on reduced lunch is 44 or 10.045662100456621% of total enrollment. The number of students (age 5 to 17) below the poverty level is 9.74%.

Ross Street Elementary School Spending:  According to the most recently available data, Ross Street Elementary School spends $14808 per student in current expenditures. The districts expenditures (rounded to nearest tenth of a percent) are broken down as follows: 61.9% on Instruction, 12.6% on Support Services, 10.4% on Administration and 15.2% on Other Expenditures.

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