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News Release: CLRSearch Facebook Like Button Integration

The world is a social place and will continue to create a more social online real estate community, starting with Facebook. Are you ready? CLRSearch has made it easy for you.

Palm Coast, Fla. – Do you want to share demographics? Have you found a beautiful house that you want to share with friends? CLRSearch Real Estate Search Engine made it simpler for users to share content and use CLRSearch with Facebook.

The website has newly installed Like button functionality on all of the real estate and demographic pages and optimized them for Facebook’s Open Graph. Now users can link to relevant CLRSearch content with a Facebook profile by simply Liking CLRSearch web pages. When users Like a page on the real estate search engine, the Like will post to a user’s Facebook profile wall.

Have you created your Facebook presence, but aren’t sure what to do next? Are you looking for more advanced options to enhance your Page? Following the addition of Like button functionality, CLRSearch released a Facebook supplement to help its users navigate the Facebook graph. The supplement contains a how to guide for Like buttons, and information on Facebook’s Open Graph. It also provides information on optimizing Pages for search, creating an App to add a custom tab, advertising and using Facebook as a Page. The updated Social Media Guide is available as a free download by logging into your CLRSearch account.

The mission of CLRSearch is to connect real estate professionals with homebuyers to find the right home in the right place. With more people connecting online than ever before and the Internet becoming more social, real estate agents can now network online and gain more referrals by creating a virtual community. CLRSearch will continue to create a space within growing social networks for real estate professionals to grow and increase referrals.

Engagement and interaction through social media have fundamentally changed the way that the company will communicate with users. CLRSearch previously created a series of Facebook Pages meant to encourage engagement between real estate professionals and homebuyers and further expand the company’s social media presence.

With more people connecting online than ever before and the Internet becoming more social, real estate professionals can now network online and gain more referrals by creating a virtual community. Personal referrals are important in the real estate industry, and CLRSearch will help provide professionals the place to build their online social media presence.

About CLRSearch

CLRSearch is a Real Estate Search Engine that provides a data rich environment to explore listings, foreclosures, school information, community demographics and other data relevant to one of the most important decisions of your life, buying a home.

CLRSearch provides a space to search a vast amount of listings in a particular area, identify key demographics and review the strength of the schools without having to cross any lead-generating roadblocks. Each homebuyer can create their own perfect virtual property and be alerted when similar properties become available.

CLRSearch listing feeds are imported daily to ensure the most up-to-date information possible. The demographic data is updated yearly and provided by some of the top sources available. In addition, CLRSearch now offers a self-service Local Expert Advertising Platform that provides agents and brokers with a thrifty way to take advantage of their hyper-local ad market.

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