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Glenwood Retail Sales Statistics

Glenwood Retail Sales Statistics Graph

Glenwood data is not available. Sussex county data used instead.

2012 Retail Sales Statistics Sussex county, NJ New Jersey United States
Total Retail Sales (including Food Services) $1.921458E9 $1.44795318E11 $4.690741823E12
Building Materials and Garden Store Sales $1.63447E8 8.506405032012148% $9.157355E9 6.324344686338545% $3.00121841E11 6.3981743682506655%
Clothing and Accessories Store Sales $3.8785E7 2.0185192702624777% $9.040411E9 6.243579643921912% $2.25430344E11 4.805856994615498%
Electrical and Appliances Store Sales $1.1887E7 0.6186447999383801% $3.345822E9 2.3107252680642616% $1.01037294E11 2.15397260843874%
Food and Beverage Store Sales $4.81748E8 25.072002614681143% $2.5041607E10 17.294486690515782% $6.12863797E11 13.065391789310594%
Food Services $1.56454E8 8.142462650757915% $1.3439192E10 9.281510055456351% $5.02456682E11 10.711667812035964%
Gasoline Stations Store Sales $2.25236E8 11.722140166477747% $1.2425388E10 8.581346532213148% $5.26122149E11 11.216182191487881%
General Merchandise Store Sales $9.5043E7 4.946400077441194% $1.3736312E10 9.486710060611214% $6.34982512E11 13.536931597610122%
Health and Personal Care Store Sales $8.8819E7 4.622479388048034% $1.009018E10 6.968581677482141% $2.70681729E11 5.770552701766123%
Home Furnishings Store Sales $1.5979E7 0.8316080809468643% $3.259213E9 2.2509104886941165% $9.0949539E10 1.938915899273103%
Miscellaneous Store Sales $4.6329E7 2.4111377922390185% $3.118197E9 2.153520599333191% $1.22027154E11 2.60144682023784%
Nonstore Purchases Sales $1.0501E8 5.4651207572582905% $1.3724645E10 9.478652479633354% $3.98848318E11 8.502883617348896%
Sporting Goods Store Sales $1.6497E7 0.8585667758545854% $2.778628E9 1.9190040385145601% $8.9619853E10 1.9105688690980425%

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