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Park City Quality Of Life Indexes

Park City Quality of Life Indexes Graph

2012 Quality of Life Indexes Park City, IL Illinois United States
Quality of Life Index 22.0 59.0 100
Amusement Index 101.0 100.0 100
Culture Index 104.0 150.0 100
Earthquake Index 33.0 63.0 100
Education Index 108.0 142.0 100
Medical Index 106.0 104.0 100
Mortality Index (All Causes) 35.0 92.0 100
Religion Index 109.0 108.0 100
Restaurant Index 105.0 88.0 100
Weather Index 32.0 90.0 100

The data for Park City, IL may also contain data for the following areas: Park City

Quality of Life Index: Based on the results of a study group, this index is calculated based on what variables affect individuals as they search for a new home, how much they would enjoy living in a place and the impact of each selected variable. For example, the crime index affects the total quality of life index negatively and the amusement index affects it positively.

Positive Variables Weighted for Quality of Life Index: Amusement, Culture, Education, Medical, Religion, Restaurants and Weather

Negative Variables Weighted for Quality of Life Index: Crime, Earthquake and Mortality

Index score: (100 = National Average) for an area is compared to the national average of 100. A score of 200 indicates twice the national average, while 50 indicates half the national average.

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