When most people think of Los Angeles, they imagine multi-millionaires, movie stars, and mega mansions. There is a more quaint side to the City of Angels, however, as evidenced by our featured home. It’s the perfect abode for those who like class and taste while still wishing to enjoy the simpler side of life.

This bungalow, located in the PT Fermin neighborhood, is a cozy space to share with family and friends. With hardwood floors, a gorgeous back patio, and granite counters, it’s an aesthetically-pleasing place to host a meal or have a game night. There’s even a detached guest house in the backyard where visitors can stay during their LA travels. It can also be renovated into an office, play room, or any other space you can imagine!


Even though it may not be a mansion, not everyone needs to live in over-the-top luxury. This two-bedroom home is perfect for a small family with lots of heart and creative energy.

Take a peek inside this home.

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Andrea Kinnison is an analyst for Move New Homes.