Home security is and has always been a major concern for homeowners. From the inside out, homeowners want to make sure their loved ones and their belongings are safe from those who would compromise the security of their home. From security cameras to state of the art home security systems with hefty monthly fees, homeowners try everything and anything to keep their homes safe. However, with busy lives and hectic, demanding schedules, homeowners do not always have time to stay around the house while they wait to give their keys to the housekeeper or wait around for the electrician. Homeowners with busy lives like these have found a friend and saving grace in August by famed tech designer Yves Behar, a new smart lock for homes.

August looks at home security from the first step of home invasion prevention: locks. This smart lock takes away the need for keys as it works wirelessly via Bluetooth connection with smartphones. At the touch of a button, or the tap of a screen, homeowners can lock and unlock doors equipped with August. Keep a tally of who is coming and going and allow friends and family into the home while away with a simple tap, eliminating the need to find them in person and exchange keys or to leave house keys hidden near the door where people with less than honorable intentions may find it and invade the home. Homeowners need not worry about guests who may outstay or overuse their welcome; persons granted permissions to the house have a limited amount of time to access the home before the permissions are removed from their device.

August also makes entering the home safer for the homeowner. The device has a setting that allows the homeowner to unlock the home when the smartphone associated with the device is detected, eliminating the need to dig and search for lost keys. The device runs on a set of batteries so setup is easy and the lock can be taken with the homeowner from new home to new home. For additional security, consider the August Doorbell Cam for a front door visual. Talk to your new home builder about adding this feature to your home during construction, ensuring home safety from day one.

By Alexis Breitkreutz, an analyst for Move New Homes