In today’s highly competitive real estate market, it is vital to have broad ranging skill sets. However, even some of the most seasoned and skilled real estate professionals fall short in certain areas like design.

Though you may know your properties or market like the back of your hand and can talk endlessly about them, creating a professional looking marketing piece is a daunting task for many.

Whether lacking the eye for creating appealing marketing designs from scratch or simply not having enough hours in the day to devote to such an undertaking, many in the market are looking for ways to address this issue.

This is where Canva comes into play!

As with many creative projects, the truly hardest part is getting started, but with Canva’s twenty plus templates and innumerable design options you can more easily and quickly find the right design for whatever real estate project you’re working on.

Here are just a few pre-sized design templates that you can currently create:

  • Facebook posts
  • ads
  • covers and posters
  • social media graphics
  • business cards
  • real estate flyers
  • twitter banners
  • collages
  • Pinterest

Canva’s straightforward and intuitive interface is one its greatest features, as even the least tech experienced will find the program easy to use. The program is currently available for use on the iPad, as well as on a desktop.

By Michael Bain, an analyst for Move New Homes