Regardless of how you feel about the private and/or government use of drones, the potential of this new technology to transform and expand the way realtors showcase homes is undeniable. Just about every realtor nowadays dreams of capturing that stunning, sweeping overhead shot of their listings.

Though the use of drones for commercial purposes within the real estate industry remains a hot button issue for many that have concerns about neighborhood privacy, as well as aviation safety, the Federal Aviation Administration or the FAA has recently approved the use of drones for commercial usage, including for realtors. However, it will not be as easy as you might first expect, as there are several catches of the deal to prevent hazardous drone usage.

First and foremost, you have to get a private pilots license from the Federal Aviation Administration. Once you have obtained a license, you are still required to follow very specific guidelines as to when and where you may legally use your drone.

Some of these restrictions include that the drone must always stay in direct sight of the drone user, keeping the drone under 300-feet and within a 100-foot radius of the user at all times. You must also inform any airports within a five mile radius, giving them your flight times and elevation. Drones users are also prohibited from flying their drones over high traffic areas like highways and major intersections. Your drone must also meet the FAA’s safety standards regarding number of propellers, weight and the type of camera used.

With the recent approval of this cutting edge new technology and its thrilling applications in the real estate world, many in the industry are sure to line up to buy a drone this year. If you are one such professional, the purchase of a drone could really take your career to the next level, but be ready for a lot of paper work.

By Michael Bain, an analyst for Move New Homes