In today’s busy real estate market, real estate professionals are constantly on the go. Home buyers may have numerous questions about properties before considering whether they would like to purchase it. What is the market trend in the area? Is it a short sale or foreclosure? Am I getting a good deal for my money?

There is a tool for real estate professionals to help you answer those questions and more. Fetchnotes is a cross between note-taking and to-do list. Put all of your listings in Fetchnotes, and then use hashtags (#) in front of any word to create different categories. For example, #short sale, #3 bedroom, #foreclosure will create lists of properties that fit into each category.

If your customer is looking for a 2 bedroom home that is a foreclosure. By searching for your listings with #2 bedroom #foreclosure, you will pull up all listings that fit those criteria. Fetchnotes also allows you to add notes so you can keep updated records as your listings change and share them with other agents in your office.  You also have the ability to set up reminders so that you do not forget to forward information to your customer when you get back to the office.

Fetchnotes is a free App and includes these features:

  • easy to organize and share
  • access on any device
  • add notes via SMS, email and voice

Fetchnotes helps you stay efficient and in control.