Google just released a series of three new features for Android developers designed to help marketers and developers target a more specific audience of app users. Here is a quick breakdown of the three features and how they can benefit real estate app developers:

1. “Conversion Optimizer” for all in-app purchases

Whether you want to realize it or not, the truth of matter is that about eighty percent of mobile apps are erased after they used just one time. The conversion operator helps app developers that are faced with this reality by aiding them in getting the most of their marketing dollar. By measuring data pertaining to a user’s past in-app purchases to optimize an automated bidding system for future purchases, in-app marketers can target high conversion users, while avoiding wasting their time on low conversion users. This feature will particularly play a big role in marketing if the app is free, since it is about getting the user to engage in a monetary transaction once they are already in the app.

2. Tripling exposure through Google advertising

Right now Google’s built in “AdMob” system is the most popular way for Android app developers to advertise their app. This network reaches around 650,000 plus installed app, however the new update allows developers to advertise in over two million publisher sites across the entire Google Display Network. This will allow real estate apps to broadcast to a vastly wider mobile audience, as well as to the already existing pool of installed apps.

3. Play videos within in-app advertisements

This fairly self-explanatory new feature allows developers to replace a screenshot of their app with a video describing it with their ads. This feature looks promising after Google published their results from beta users. They showed a 40 percent reduction in the overall cost-per-download for several of the test companies. This new feature will most strongly impact app companies that truly lie or die by installs.

These three new features clearly emphasize intelligent marketing by getting your app presented to the right audience at the right time. This is crucial and will make all of the difference in getting as many downloads.

By Michael Bain, an analyst for Move New Homes