Imagine how much more successful you would be if you could see into the future. With the new predictive marketing tools presented by SmartZip, you can come close to achieving the impossible.

By utilizing big data and scientific analysis to foresee which homeowners are more likely to sell homes, and by applying predictive modeling algorithms to massive data about homes and homeowners, this technology gives real estate brokers and agents a serious edge over their competitors.

Through the powerful combination of marketing automation, predictive analytics and big data, real estate agents and similar businesses can save a tremendous amount of time and energy by targeting the right audiences and their best prospects.

It also allows for quick brand awareness and an increased response rate through its unique direct marketing programs. You can also take advantage of the “client use only” sales tools and resources to help build a strong and steady listing business.

If this powerful new tool sounds like its something that might benefit your business you can schedule a demo on the SmartZip website today to see if it’s the right product for you.

Stay ahead of the curve in your real estate business with the predictive marketing techniques presented by SmartZip.

By Michael Bain, an analyst for Move New Homes