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The Power of Social Media

By levering social media, a number of large sites brought pressure to bear on Congress to reject legislation that could damage the growth of the internet. This ground swell of support lead to the shelving of the SOPA and PIPA bills. Below is Google’s thanks to those who voiced their opposition.

Thank you – and the more than 7 million other Americans – who stood up for the Web

Wednesday, January 18th was a big day for the Web. Americans stood up in opposition to PIPA and SOPA – bills that would censor the Web and impose harmful regulations on U.S. businesses. Many of your favorites sites went dark, Americans made thousands of phone calls to our elected representatives in Washington, and we asked you to raise your voice by petitioning Congress through this page.

Your voice is being heard. Your elected representatives are beginning to recognize the damage these bills could inflict on the Web, and as a result, votes on PIPA and SOPA have been delayed. But this debate is not yet won. We at Google remain committed to working to address the problem of piracy without compromising our freedoms and risking our industry’s track record of innovation and job creation.

Thank you for your support. As you can see, it has made a tremendous difference.

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