Does that spare room in your home serve no purpose other than giving you anxiety? Well, maybe it’s time you change your attitude from that of anxiety to a sense of excitement and purpose. Extra rooms serve as a kind of blank canvass whereby you may transform the space to suite your given desires. Many homeowners make the mistake of allowing clutter to pile up in these rooms rendering them essentially unusable. Don’t let laziness and procrastination stop you from truly maximizing all of the space in your home. Here are a few excellent options for that extra room:

1. A Guest Bedroom– At a certain point it becomes a little embarrassing making guests sleep on the couch. If you frequently have guests spend the night you may want to consider turning that extra room into a guest bedroom. Your guest will greatly appreciate this and you will feel like a better host.

2. An Office– Working in front of a television or around any other distractions can sometimes render your work time mostly unproductive. This is why it’s a good idea to have a quiet space in the house to really hunker down and make the most of your working hours.

3. A Game Room– The kids will certainly love it, but a game room is a smart option if you are looking to keep gaming out of the primary living space. Having a game room can also help you monitor your kids or your own gaming by only allowing an allotted amount of time spent in the game room.

4. A Library– For booklovers an in house library is dream come true. Imagine walking into that extra room to the smell of books and the silence perfect for an evening of reading.

5. A Media Room– While many homeowners put a television in the living room, others are opting to designate a space specifically catered towards an optimal viewing experience. This could entail installing think curtains or blinds to create a genuine cinematic experience.

6. A Fitness Room– If twenty four hour fitness centers are your ideal place of exercise, you may want to consider transforming that extra space into a fitness room. With the addition of a good mirror, matted flooring and a few good free weights or a workout machine you can have your own personal fitness center in no time. You may also consider putting a boom box in the room to help you push through a set.

7. A Meditation Room– If you work a high stress job or simply love the effect meditation has on your life you should consider turning the space into a meditation room. This is one of the easiest and least expensive room transformations. The meditation room should have minimal to moderate lighting and as little distractions as possible. Therefore you should avoid loud wall art, excess furniture and the like.

8. A Toy Room– Does your kid leave toys all over the house? If so, you may want to have a designated space for the toys. This can save you the headache of constantly putting toys away, as well as allowing your kid free reign to play with all of their toys within this space.

9. A Hobby Room– Whether you enjoy building model airplanes or puzzling, a hobby room can grant you the space to focus and enjoy some of your favorite hobbies without distraction.

10. A Music Room– Get in your zone and feel the inspiration in your own specially designed music room. You may want to put up sound baffling to enhance the acoustic quality for recordings, as well as preventing louder instruments like drums to annoy your neighbors or the rest of your family.

Make the most of your home by using every room to its fullest potential. Don’t let a little clutter stop you from transforming that extra room into the space of your dreams!

Michael Bain is an analyst for Move New Homes