Even if you own your potential home buyers dream home, you can truly blow your chances of selling your home at its maximal price if you fail to avoid certain pitfalls. Here are a few home selling tips that will help you get the most for your home without spending an arm and a leg.

1. Price it Right- You need to first find out home much your home is worth and then take off about 15 to 20 percent of that price. This is a great way to hook potential buyers and start a bidding war that will most likely exceed the original price value.

2. Finding a Solid Broker- You also really need to find the most informed brokers that are constantly combing multiple listing services and knows the comps of your neighborhood. The broker should also firmly embrace technology, utilizing many tools to get your house sold.

3. Light It Up- A well-lit home will sell over a gloomy dark home any day. Make sure to open up drapes to let maximal sunlight in and increase the wattage of any dying or faint light bulbs.

4. Partially Clear Out Closets- Buyers will certainly want to see your home storage spaces, but make sure your closet won’t scare them off. Take out about half of the stuff in your closet and neatly organize the rest.

5. Get Pets Out of the Way- Though your dog or cat might seem like a good way to warm the hearts of potential buyers, it is generally not a good move to have an animal in the house while you are trying to sell. Not everyone is a cat or dog lover and you don’t want to take a risk in this area. Animals can also pose as a threat to the homebuyer’s perception of the cleanliness of your home.

6. Quick Fixes- Small quick fixes to your home will pay off much better than any major renovations. Replace or clean dirty old curtains, put a new coat of paint on your walls or get yourself some new hardware for the kitchen to give your home a subtly new feel.

7. Depersonalize- In order to allow potential homebuyers to fully imagine the space as theirs, you need to de-clutter your home and make it as minimally furnished and accessorized as possible. This will do wonders for the homebuyer’s perception of the space.

8. Kitchen First- You’re not selling your home, your selling your kitchen. This real estate adage dates far back and we have seen how important a kitchen is as a selling or breaking point for potential home buyers. Spend a little money to fix up this area or spend a good amount of time thoroughly cleaning this area.

9. Always Be Ready to Show- Though it may be a little inconvenient, keeping a tidy and show ready home at all times will help you sell your home much easier. Don’t leave dishes lying around and keep those bathrooms tidy and clean.

10. First Impression is the Key- Even if the inside of your home is stunningly gorgeous; you cannot forget to take the time to make sure that the front of your home is attractive to buyers. Spruce up the front yard with some inexpensive shrubs or colorful flowers.

By Michael Bain, an analyst for Move New Homes